To Find Friends

After making a career change he is now disillusioned with life and longs to go back and meet with some friends in the Defence Force. These four friends are in an elite Air Force group and the fact that he tries to trace them unravels into a spy novel. At the same time he meets a lady so there is also romance. The novel moves between the action and the romance reflecting the two persona’s of the main character.

In his efforts to find his friends he is drawn back into the special forces to assist them to uncover a spy network. During this time he works with a team of permanent force specialists, one of which is a female. In the act of assisting them they uncover the depth of the spy ring when one of their own team turns out to be a double agent.

The special forces task team leader's wife is kidnapped and he is blackmailed only to have his wife liberated before too much harm could be done. Then finally when the task is complete, the spy ring smashed and everyone is being debriefed the main character goes back to his hotel room only to be surprised!

An ex-special forces operative attempts to trace some old military friends. In doing so he becomes embroiled in a chase by an international spy syndicate to uncover a top secret project. He ends up working alongside his old Commander to stop the syndicate but along the way he falls in love and is in danger of loosing his concentration and his life.

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