To Stay Alive

                                                          by Deryck Foster

Our hero battles to come to terms with his past endeavours in love and work. Finally he decides to locate his old commanding officer and wife as they had been good to him during a previous crisis. He traces them only to be told that a lady operative within Special Forces, whom he had developed feelings for, was also in the vicinity and so he decided to also track her down. After sometime he finds her only to be told by her that she is in deep trouble with a spy syndicate, the same spy syndicate he had thought that they had smashed months earlier!

Once again he has to not only save himself and his new girlfriend but they also have to find and free her mother whom everyone suspects is kidnapped. The two of them return to their commanding officer for assistance and a whole task force is established. Once this phase had been completed they find that they are still under threat and believe that the only way to be truly free is to find and finally smash the spy syndicate. The task force then embarks upon assisting them to locate and obliterate the leader of the spy syndicate as well as the entire heirarchy. During this time the two of them have to defend themselves against various forces sent to destroy them.

After an intensive period of investigation, counter espionage and attack the task is complete and the two of them decide they are finally safe.

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