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About The Author

Deryck Foster grew up and completed his schooling in the small town of Elliot in South Africa. He attended the local school and thanks to the teachers, developed a love of languages and read prolifically,sometimes completing 18 book reviews when only 4 were required. This, coupled with the ability to listen to and visualise the action and drama unfolding in radio plays, before the era of television, instilled in him a keen sense for a storyline coupled to drama.

Having spent time in the South African Defence Force then competing at the World Practical Pistol Championships and finally qualifying and working as a gunsmith, Deryck Foster has a unique perspective of firearms and knives. He spent his career vacilating between the Motor Industry, Firearms Industry and Photography.
This together with his love of adventure and his current career as a photographer and motivational speaker allows him to take you on a realistic journey of action and romance.
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Embark on an action-packed, intriguing, suspenseful journey

and adventure in To Find Friends!                                                                                               Or continue the adventure with To Stay Alive!

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